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Description of the Services Shamrock offers:

  • Medical based facilities, offering:
    • licensed speech therapists - held to the highest standards of care, teamwork, and expertise.
    • our ability to adjust coverage as your caseload varies.
    • accurate completion of all in-house paperwork and facility procedures.
    • a caring SLP team to assist your patients.
    • the services your patients need with expertise in swallowing, tracheotomy and ventilators, cognition, neonatal feeding and all the typical speech therapy skills.

  • Educational based facilities, including all of the above and offering:
    • expertise in pre-kindergarten therapies.
    • working knowledge of many school based computer systems, assisting therapists with  scheduling and IEPs.

  • Assignments:
    • Long term, ongoing contracts offer your facility complete speech therapy coverage, shamrock integrates and becomes part of your rehab team.  Shamrock deals with varying caseloads, meets your staffing needs, leaving your management team without the need to schedule and maintain speech therapy services.
    • Medical setting registry assignments may vary in length, but thirteen (13) weeks or longer assignments are preferred in medical settings.  Our availability varies, so please inquire if shorter assignments are needed, we may be able to help.
    • Educational setting registry or long term assignments are usually arranged in semester or yearly blocks.  Again, our availability varies, so please inquire if shorter assignments are needed, we may be able to help.
  • Shamrock Speech Therapy Services provides speech-language pathology services for health care and educational facilities . Whatever your SLP staffing needs, we will work with your facility to supply staff who meet those needs. We try to adapt quickly to your in-house paperwork and procedures, to efficiently organize our time and focus on patient care. We take our directions from you. We will see patients from your existing caseload or provide complete, comprehensive SLP coverage, including screenings, evaluations, treatments and scheduling.

    Registry services are only part of what we do. Ongoing and long-term arrangements can be made for our SLP services. The quality of our registry services will show in increased referrals and satisfied patients and family members.

    Our staff members include licensed and American Speech, Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) accredited Speech-Language Pathologists. Our therapists are experienced in a wide range of health care settings, specifically acute and sub-acute facilities. Our SLPs specialize in evaluation and treatment of aphasia, cognitive deficits and dementia, dysphagia, motor speech disorders and voice dysfunction. We also specialize in clinical swallow evaluations and Modified Barium Swallow Studies. Our therapists are trained in Medicare documentation and Functional Independence Measures (FIM) scoring. Our staffing can adjust to the current patient load. Patients are seen based on an individual patient’s rehabilitative needs and not available staffing. Who benefits from our flexibility? The patient!

    Shamrock staff is well qualified to manage your clinical and site-specific company tasks to ensure your facility receive the highest quality Speech-Language Pathology services.