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Past, Present and Future

These are challenging times for healthcare workers.  At Shamrock, we are determined to meet and exceed, each and every, challenge we encounter.

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Our Beginnings

Shamrock Speech Therapy Services, Inc. is founded on the expertise of experienced and knowledgeable Speech-Language Pathologists. Established in 2004, Shamrock's president,  Margaret (Peggy) Hodgson, MA, CCC-SLP, has over 25 years of experience in a variety of clinical and business settings, from pediatrics and school speech therapy to geriatrics and cognitive rehabilitation.

The Present

Always seeking excellence, Shamrock's therapists provide the best care possible to assist our patients as they achieve their most functional outcomes.  In our pre-kindergarten programs, we have been recognized for efficiently preparing children for kindergarten. In the medical setting, our cognitive rehabilitation programs receive recognition for increasing our patients' quality of life and interdisciplinary care.

To the Future

As medical and educational institutions are challenged in these tough financial times, Shamrock will continue to provide excellent care, always putting the patient's needs first, regardless of the financial constraint.  We maintain our patient driven therapeutic focus and train our employees to do the same. We look forward to many years of serving our patients and students.